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Financial freedom through property investment

Whether you are a first-time or experienced investor or just looking for property investment tips, imagine working with EquityIn who have the resources and knowledge required to guide you through your investment journey to financial freedom.

The majority of our clients will purchase again within 12 months of buying their first investment property.

Discover the strategy that will create your financial freedom.

*It is important to note past performance is not an indicator of future returns.

Invest In Developments


You don’t always have to buy property to make money out of property. Every day Australians are investing their money into projects that are run and developed by proven and experienced development companies. The key is picking  a successful company that has a proven track record and is making their investors a strong and safe return on investment.

At EquityIn we work with some of Australias most successful developers. Some key points to look out for when deciding who to choose include:

  1. Are you investing through a company who holds an Australian Financial Services Licence?
    This licence enables investors to be protected by Australian legislation and monitoring.
  2. What projects have they completed in the past?
  3. What returns have been paid out on previous projects and in what timeframe?
  4. Is the current project high or low risk?

First Time Investors 

Start investing with a guaranteed return on your investment!

Here’s how the first property you buy is the most critical step in your investment strategy. Before you first leap into the investment world many first time investors don’t buy right it’s often an uneducated emotional purchase. With our understanding of the market, combined with your specific budget and goals, our team is able to educate and guide you through every step of the investment process.

You will be using the same proven investment strategies used by the Investment Consultant that you will be dealing with.

We strongly believe education is paramount for a client’s success in the following years to come you will have accumulated substantial wealth. It’s important that you’re well informed to make informed decision with your portfolio. It’s our goal to educate and support you as you build your investment knowledge. This is the key to you securing safe and rewarding future investment opportunities.

Already Investing

Imagine getting access to property that’s below market value

There is no better way to purchase property, buying property that is under market value creates instant equity and positive cash flow from the get go.

When you buy a property worth $400,000 you have stamp duty, legal fees and various other expenses. This is all adds up quickly and can can be over $20,000 in extra cost on the purchase price, leaving you with negative cash flow and forced into finance structures to pay for over priced property.

Perhaps you already have a portfolio and require help to restructure your finances for rapid growth, or you’re ready to duplicate. Our team will help you through the entire process find where you can save and where you can make money from the get go.

By becoming a member of the EquityIn Property Group you’re granted exclusive access to property deals well below market value. This is designed to put in you front, and fast track your journey from day one. Building a successful portfolio of investment properties that provide the lifestyle that you desire has never been so simple.

Diversify your investment strategy by investing in developments. This investment option allows clients to take advantage of the profits made in broad-acre land developments, medium and high rise apartment projects and commercial buildings, by investing using cash, lazy equity or, like over 75% of our clients, purchasing in a Self Managed Super Fund.

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) 

Have your cake and eat it too? Here’s how:

Most Australians are unaware that they can roll their super over,  take all of it or a just portion and use it to invest in property.

Creating a self managed super fund gives you control to invest your super as you see fit. This creates diversity, with more direct certainty for your super, protecting you from potentially heavy share-market losses. The safety of bricks and mortar is very appealing to investment through self-managed super funds as opposed to leaving it all on the share market.

As an EquityIn member, we have access to some of Australia’s most reputable financial planners and advisors so you can rest assured, you’re in safe hands.

Click here for more information buying property with your super.

The Right Property Investment Strategies Can Result In Substantial Profits

Investing in property can lead to the right returns if the proper strategies are followed. These strategies can be straight forward and obvious, while others may be a little more complicated. The right strategy has to be arrived at, which depends on your needs for your investment and the type of personality that you have. If you’re not quite sure how to buy an investment property, you’ve come to the right place!

How to Buy an Investment Property

All investments, whether in property or other instruments, do involve some risk, and your capacity to take that risk can decide the right strategy that you need to adopt for the investment. One of the property investment strategies that is adopted by many investors is to acquire a property, renovate it and sell it as quickly as possible. This would have to be one of the best property investment strategies you could use.

Property Investment Brisbane

The same strategy can be changed to hang on to the property and wait for some time, that allows the property to increase in value before it is sold. In both cases, you are buying property that is existing, making changes to it, depending on your perception of the market and then investing your funds to making the property a more saleable one. This is a great way to get the most out of your property investment Brisbane.

Property investment strategies can also make you a builder so that you buy land, design a home or building, and build it, before you sell it for recouping your investment and profit from the transaction. It can require a longer period of time and you must have the patience and time and effort that is needed to go in for such building activity. 

Many investors in property also buy properties that are being developed by others and do this before the construction has started or is just about to start. They then sell the property after the project is completed, and gain a profit from any appreciation that may have taken place between the tine of investment and completion. This is a another one of our top property investment strategies for those that aren’t too sure how to buy an investment property.

Best Property Investments

A very common property investment strategy that many property investment Brisbane do use, is to buy a property and lease it out to tenants. This strategy will require some form of property management, which fortunately is easily outsourced at a cost. By doing this you are ensuring that you are making the best property investments possible. Care must be taken to see that the cash flow from such properties is always positive and can cater to the needs for mortgage payments, taxes, maintenance and other charges. 

Buying foreclosed or other property that is in distress is another strategy for property investment. This plan for profit does require a proper study of the market and correctly identifying properties and their correct values, and taking advantage of the misfortune of others.